Our beginnings.

Ok, so everyone told me I need a blog. Do people actually read these things?? I am really just now learning what a blog is. So bear with me. Please. I will be posting day to day Sugar Fix Now’s successes, failures and funnies.  But first I will tell you about us. We are a small bakery located in Owensboro, KY. My name is Tracy Greer. My husband, Tom, and I own and operate Sugar Fix Now. We wear all hats, owner, operator, manager, dish washer, cashier, floor sweeper, accountant and delivery driver. Not to mention baker and decorator. We love what we do because we get to bake smiles!  We offer traditional baked goods as well as gluten free and dairy free items. That has been a learning experience! I have had quite a few gluten free FAILS. Especially bread. But let’s not go there. The first few loaves were dense enough to be used as door stops. Most of the time my 2 children like to be my recipe guinea pigs, but I couldn’t even get THEM to try the bread. The brats. However, I have come a long way since that failure. I have learned to do several gluten and dairy free products quite well. But I still don’t sell GF bread. 🙂


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