Bakery blues and bathroom issues.

Good morning! Advice appreciated if you don’t mind. Please??  Usually, I would be taking my children to school and getting to Sugar Fix Now to open up shop. Usually. You see, I own a small bakery. I don’t have a stand alone store front,though. I am located inside a shop called Nona’s Market. We are comprised of local artists and vendors, mainly women small business owners, all under one roof. But for a while now, we have been battling plumbing issues. Plumbers were supposed to be here in June to fix said issues. They came in, figured out what was wrong and what needed to be done. Then they complained about what needed to be done. A lot. I know, right? However, since I don’t own the building, I just had to roll with it. Anyway, they just showed up. For a 2 day job. A 2 day job has lasted 2 weeks. The yard is still taped off, sink and grease trap are still in the middle of the floor, bathroom is still unusable. Can you believe the plumbers came around looking for a snack and expecting to see sweets in the case? And then told me I should have stayed open. With no water hooked up. And that I should keep a bucket of soapy water to wash our hands with. All I could do was stare at him. And glare. There has been a lot of glaring going on. We just opened shop in January.  We have not had time to build a huge customer base. Nona’s Market moved from downtown to this new location at the end of May. I knew there would be a period of rebuilding our daily walk ins. But, we have had to be closed off and on since the beginning of June. We are going to have to completely start over. I am not marketing savvy. I mean, come on, I don’t even know how blogging works. So, instead of being at my shop, selling my awesome baked goods and homemade candies…I’m at home. Figuring out how I’m going to effectively relaunch Sugar Fix Now. And learning how to blog. Still not sure I’m doing it right. 


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